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mobility scooters since 2009

Who we are.

We are proud to be a growing Canadian supplier and manufacturer of mobility products. Our corporate values are:

Product quality

All our manufacturing partners are chosen carefully according to several criteria including: impeccable quality control, traceability of raw materials and constant internal communication.


We invest in research and development in collaboration with our partners to offer new products to people who are losing mobility.


Our products are developed to meet needs, but these needs can be met with style and elegance, which is why Movo is recognized as the company offering the best finishes and visual appeal in the Canadian market.

With more than 15 years of experience as the exclusive distributor of Heartway Medical high-end electric mobility products in Canada, we have continued our rise in this field over the years.

The invention of the unique MOVO retractable scooter canopy is the perfect example; 3 years of R&D investments and 7 prototypes later, we are extremely proud to offer the first retractable scooter canopy that serves as both a sunshade and protection against wind and rain. This canopy is now distributed throughout the world, currently in 9 countries: Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, England, Italy, Israel, Australia, Canada and soon the United States.

We have added a complete line of accessories for scooters that position our company as the largest supplier of accessories for this type of vehicle in the country. Finally, always with the objective of meeting the needs of our users, we have also added more mobility products such as MOVO mobility scooters (Brome and Sutton) as well as our latest addition; a new Lightweight folding powerchair.