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The Heartway Canada and Movo guarantee

Heartway and Movo products are designed to provide excellent quality and performance. For any justified warranty claim on an item deemed defective by both parties, Heartway and Movo undertake at their discretion to replace, repair or reimburse the item deemed defective. The warranty begins upon receipt of the product by the customer. Any damage or defect caused by misuse of the product is not covered by the warranty.

  • Chassis: two-year limited warranty.
  • Controller: 1.5 year limited warranty.
  • Electronic components (including motor) and charger: one-year limited warranty.

Excluded from warranty

  • Motor brushes
  • Tires
  • Armrests
  • Seat cushion
  • Fuses and bulbs
  • Covering the bar
  • Front and rear coverings