Monster X

Medical Mobility scooter

The highly anticipated Monster X (vita S12X) is issued from years of technical development, as it utilises the best innovations in the industry! Some of this vehicle’s stand-out-features are its top speed of 18km/h and its battery range up to 40km. Another advantage is its robust design made of large wheels with pronounced features that provide ideal traction on rough terrain such as snow. Its independent and adjustable front and rear suspension provides a smooth ride on any surface.

Available colors


ATV or mobility scooter?

Although it’s not an ATV, and doesn’t aspire to be one, you might hesitate upon seeing it… There’s nothing else like it. This scooter is proof that needing a mobility scooter to travel doesn’t mean limiting where you can travel.

Thought and fancy

This model might look tough and rough with its eye-catching metallic black finish, red suspensions and shock absorbers, but comfort was an intrinsic part of its design. The Monster X has a fully adjustable rotating seat, with additional lumbar support and a striking red stitching finish.

In action…

Technical Specifications


350 lb
160 kg


62" x 30"

Weight with battery

330 lbs
150 kg

Motor type

4-Pole 900W

Max speed

Up to
18 Km/h


Up to
80 Ah

Front wheels

13” x 4.8”

Rear wheels

15” x 6.3”

Charger type

8Amp 120/240 Volt, 50/60Hz off board

Turning radius

1350 mm
* Battery range depend (wind, weight of the user, slope, etc)